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Sea Forest || Sea Journal 3/16/22

Thanks for taking the time to read Volume 2 of Sea Journal. Before we get onto the update of what’s been happening at Sea Forest, I want to say that our thoughts are with those across the east coast of Australia whose lives and loved ones have been impacted by the recent floods. We built Sea Forest to tackle the problem from the roots and hope our efforts, along with the efforts of many others driving a new generation of environmentally positive action, can help to stabilise our planet’s warming through emissions reduction. Sam

M.J.Bale Trial

We’re delighted to say that the M.J.Bale Net Zero Wool trial is moving in a really exciting direction. The second trial of the project is currently underway and M.J.Bale has increased its sample size from 50 Merino sheep to 500 at their Kingston Farm in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania. M.J.Bale will commence shearing in August and from the 105-kilogram yield, the company intends to create a net zero blazer and knitwear capsule collection.

$1 Million Grant Success

AACo Partnership

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Bovine Dynamics and Stockyard Feedlot, Sea Forest has been granted AU$1 million to trial the use of Asparagopsis seaweed feed in a large-scale commercial feedlot for Angus beef near Toowoomba in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. As part of the 300-day trial we aim to understand the impact of Asparagopsis feed on livestock emissions, meat productivity, taste and quality. The grant is part of the MERiL (Methane Emissions Reduction in Livestock) program, one of two major new initiatives the Federal Government is delivering to help the agriculture sector access low-emission technologies without imposing new costs.

Sea Forest has joined forces with AACo, Australia’s largest and oldest integrated cattle and beef producer, in a bid to reduce methane emissions in a trial involving Wagyu beef. The trial provides the opportunity for AACo to double its environmental commitments, and allowsSea Forest to test its technology at a large scale over the course of 300 days. If the trial is successful, and Asparagopsis feed is ultimately widely incorporated into AACo’s operations, methane emission reductions would be substantial. AACo currently operates Australia’s largest cattle herd: around 340,000 head across 6.4 million hectares in both Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Green list – In the Australian

Another incredible achievement for Sea Forest: our very own Sam Elsom has been included in The Australian’s inaugural Green Power Players List for 2022. The list recognises and celebrates the top 100 innovators, developers, financiers and activists working behind the scenes in Australia’s ‘green revolution’. Well done Sam and everyone at Sea Forest!

Telstra Business Awards

InnovationAus Awards

Sea Forest has been named the state winner in two Telstra Best of Business awards categories: Embracing Innovation and Promoting Sustainability. In April this year, all state winners will attend the National Gala Event where the national winners in each category will be announced.

Late last year, Sea Forest celebrated amongst peers at the InnovationAus Awards ‘21 gala event, taking home three accolades in recognition of our work in combating climate change and food shortages. Sea Forest won in the categories of Food and Agri-Tech, the People’s Choice award, and Australian Hero.

Swansea Site

We are excited to announce that we have acquired a seaweed cultivation site in Swansea. Contractors are currently working on refurbishments and upgrades to the infrastructure.

Sea Forest Foundation

Future Feed Licence

Sea Forest, IMAS and University of Tasmania, have been working together closely on the protection, rehabilitation and recultivation of Tasmania’s giant kelp forests which have alarmingly decreased in numbers by over 90% due to climate change and human impact. The initiative’s ambition is to provide a collaborative and educational platform where individuals and entities can utilise the tools and knowledge provided to create a positive impact on the environment and to adopt sustainable business practices. Our work, as well as the importance of the 8000 km of Australia’s southern coastline dubbed the Great Southern Reef has been simultaneously recognised in The Guardian online last week which serves as a milestone for the foundation and this beautiful stretch of coastline in desperate need of protection.

FutureFeed has welcomed Sea Forest into its list of licensees. This allows us to take the cultivation process, product and know-how we’ve refined over years of crafting and optimising into the market commercially.

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