w h Y B e D i v i d e d?

Harmonize Humanity is a manifestation of our Soul's desire for connection... within ourselves, each other, and all living beings.

Y B ÷ is the recognition that we are all intrinsically united and that perceived divisions of race, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise are manufactured illusions.


You are encouraged, to create with Us, a community that holds our collective Optimal Timeline Reality.

We do not honor the status quo - we hold the divine right, law and actualization of a harmonized humanity.

One that holds each individual's highest potential for humility, empathy, compassion, reverence and Truth.


Let us not forget why we are Here... to have an Experience! To create, Love, be Loved, to Laugh, Fly, Soar,

and to Remember... our Divinity... within.


T H I S   I S   H O W   W E  C R E A T E   O U R   R E A L I T Y


*run towards your fear... have an experience⚡️ 


we emphasize *Global Meditation* as the medium to raise our collective vibration 👇