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Harmonize Humanity || Global Meditation✨

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Harmonize Humanity
June 19, 2023 · changed the group description.

Raise The Vibration⚡️Empowering each individual to lead mankind towards a sustainable, equitable & just global community 𓂀 ⁠

Sunday Group Meditations - (PST) Build your confidence & discipline each week!

Week 1: 1:11 - 1 min

Week 2: 2:22pm - 2 min

Week 3: 3:33pm - 3 min

Week 4: 4:44pm - 4 min

Week 5: 5:55pm - 5 min

Sunday 11:11 a.m. PST || 528hz ancient healing frequency music recommended: 11 min meditation

'may there be peace in this world, and throughout all realms and dimensions, places, spaces, minds, and times'

It is with great reverence and optimism that we encourage You... the believers, dreamers, seekers, shifters, visionaries, & wayseers to join in united meditation and align our collective consciousness towards the optimal timeline reality!

NOW is the time to unify our hearts and energy to visualize and manifest a new reality. We will not feed the fears nor entertain the darkness… our jobs as the light bringers, empaths and guides is to hold space for those in need of support through this ‘Great Awakening.’💫

Together we shall bring light to expose and rid the dark forces that have withheld humanity from its rightful frequency and recalibrate our consciousness in alignment with our higher divine realms of compassion and kindness towards one another and our planet 🌎

Our intention is to raise the collective conscious and vibration towards one of Love & Light⚡️

Inspire your fellow Brothers & Sister and remember that we are all connected and need to look out for each other, now more than ever! 🙏

Mission 5D - only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. Our purpose is to unite our collective conscious efforts towards envisioning the optimal timeline reality for humanity.

The Download 𓂀

Raise The Vibration ⚡️E mpowering each individual to lead ma...


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