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F L O A T - North County

"Habitual clients and advocates of sensory deprivation will tell you that the longer you float, the better it gets and the more your body rebuilds. In the Isolation Tank, there is no need to fight gravity or deal with sensory input, which allows your body to reallocate that energy. Some people float to relieve stress and significantly reduce anxiety, some float to eliminate chronic pain, while others float to fight addiction–and all experience true relaxation, allowing muscles to fully release and expedite recovery.

In the tank, you don’t need to analyze the world around you. Consequently, great things begin to happen. Your brain produces increased levels of dopamine and endorphins (the neurotransmitters of happiness and well-being) while reducing levels of unwanted cortisol (the main chemical component of stress). Frequent floating has shown no sign of diminishing returns, meaning that the more you float, the better it gets. Below are some of those benefits and supporting studies. If you feel like sharing your motivation behind floating, then feel free to testify.

Deep Relaxation

The lack of sensory input has an amazing effect on the nervous system. Floating affects the brain by greatly reducing the “fight or flight” chemical known as cortisol.

Chronic Pain / Pain Management

Research on floating has indicated it is an effective tool for relieving back and neck pain, inflammation, bursitis, fibromyalgia and past injuries.

Sports Performance and Recovery

Athletes use flotation to improve their performance, to speed their recovery from the stress of peak output, and virtually eliminate fatigue and “post-race letdown” from competitions.


Whether you’re looking to take a few strokes off your golf game, plot out a business strategy, or become acquainted with your deep self, the isolation tank is the best environment for this practice.

Behavior Modification

Floating is a great way to gain greater awareness of patterns of behavior.


People who have meditated for years say that the float tank is an excellent environment for moving them to a profoundly deeper meditative state in a shorter period of time.

Theta State

While in the theta state, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing and personal growth.

Right Brain Function

Research into brainwaves indicates that floating increases right brain function. The right brain is known as the creative hemisphere and the source of flashes of insight-–the Eureka moments!

Absorption of magnesium

High concentration of Epsom salts are absorbed through skin and can replenish magnesium, a mineral in which many people are deficient."

Sensory deprivation tanks are said to have many health benefits, including inducing a clear and empty state of mind, improving focus and concentration, and promoting an overall state of relaxation. Sensory deprivation tanks are also known to promote muscle relaxation, lower anxiety, and improve depression.


F L O A T - North County " Habitual clients and advocates ...
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