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Elevate Your Style with the Vintage Corduroy Dandelion Old-School Hat from Harmonize Humanity!


Step into a world of timeless charm and profound symbolism with the Vintage Corduroy Dandelion Old-School Hat by Harmonize Humanity. Rooted in the mission to raise collective vibration and consciousness, this hat encapsulates the essence of unity and hope for a better world. Crafted with care and designed to make a statement, it's more than just an accessory – it's a powerful wish for humanity's brighter future.


🌼 Vintage Elegance: The Vintage Corduroy Dandelion Old-School Hat effortlessly captures the nostalgia of yesteryears. The corduroy material exudes a sense of vintage flair, while the classic design takes you back to a simpler time. Combining style with intention, this hat becomes a canvas for your commitment to positive change.


💫 Symbol of Unity: The delicate dandelion design on this hat speaks volumes. A universal symbol of hope, growth, and unity, the dandelion's seeds scattered by the wind are akin to humanity's aspirations reaching far and wide. Wear this hat as a reminder of your dedication to raising collective consciousness and fostering a harmonized world.


🤝 Fashion with a Purpose: At Harmonize Humanity, fashion goes beyond aesthetics. With each purchase of the Vintage Corduroy Dandelion Old-School Hat, you're actively contributing to a brighter future. Our promise to donate 50% of net profits to like-minded non-profits ensures that your choice echoes far beyond personal style, making a tangible impact on global unity.


🌍 Wish for Humanity: Embrace the symbolism of the dandelion's seeds as they scatter on the breeze. Let your hat stand as a wish – a wish for humanity's growth, connection, and collective consciousness. Spark conversations and inspire others to join the movement of positive change every time you wear this iconic accessory.


Make a statement, spread hope, and become part of the Harmonize Humanity movement with the Vintage Corduroy Dandelion Old-School Hat. By donning this hat, you're not just showcasing your style; you're illuminating the path toward a harmonized world where unity and consciousness thrive.


Elevate your fashion while elevating humanity – order your hat today!


DANDY embroidered vintage corduroy old-school cap (maroon)

SKU: 64C6D1D18DDFC_16419
Excluding Sales Tax

Step up your style with an embroidered old-school cap. It’s crafted from 100% cotton corduroy that’s soft to the touch and comfy to wear. It features an adjustable strap with a gold-colored buckle for a great fit and a visor to protect you from the sun and wind. Complete your look with this embroidered corduroy cap and rock a cool vibe all day long.

• 100% cotton corduroy
• Unstructured, 6-panel, low-profile
• Cotton twill sweatband and taping
• 6 embroidered eyelets
• Adjustable strap with a gold-colored metal buckle
• Head circumference: 20″–22″ (50.8 cm–56 cm)

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