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Elevate Your Yoga Practice and Humanity's Vibration with the Harmonize Humanity Dandelion Yoga Mat!


Immerse yourself in the spirit of unity, mindfulness, and positive change with the Harmonize Humanity Dandelion Yoga Mat. As a beacon of the brand's mission to raise collective consciousness and promote global meditation, this yoga mat is more than just a surface for your practice – it's a canvas of hope, a symbol of your commitment to a harmonized world. Crafted for comfort, designed with intention, and giving back to the global community, this mat is an embodiment of unity in action.


🌼 Whimsical Dandelion Design: The Dandelion symbolizes humanity's collective wishes. With every downward dog and peaceful pose, the Dandelion design on this yoga mat becomes a visual reminder of your dedication to uplifting humanity's vibration. Its soothing presence inspires both your practice and your aspirations for a more connected world.

🧘‍♂️ Elevate Your Practice: Immerse yourself in the essence of unity as you flow through your yoga routine on this high-quality mat. The comfortable cushioning supports your body, while the Dandelion's symbolism fuels your mind and spirit. Each pose becomes a meditation, each movement a contribution to global harmony.

🌍 Mat of Giving: Your purchase goes beyond personal enrichment. With 50% of net profits dedicated to like-minded non-profits, the Harmonize Humanity Dandelion Yoga Mat amplifies your practice's impact. This mat stands as a testament to your commitment to raising collective consciousness and promoting global meditation, resonating far beyond your yoga studio.

🧘‍♀️ Cultivate Mindfulness: Promote a harmonized humanity through your practice. Align with Harmonize Humanity's mission of unity and connection by using this yoga mat as a vessel for mindfulness and meditation. Unplug from the chaos and find tranquility on your mat, knowing that your actions contribute to a greater cause.


Elevate your practice, foster global meditation, and contribute to a harmonized humanity with the Harmonize Humanity Dandelion Yoga Mat. By unrolling this mat, you're not just engaging in yoga – you're engaging in a movement of positive change.


Embrace unity, consciousness, and mindful giving today.


Harmonize Humanity - Elevating Vibration, Inspiring Change.

A Wish for Unity, One Yoga Mat at a Time.

DANDY yoga mat (galaxy)

SKU: 64C685514A533_16714
Excluding Sales Tax

Whether you’re exercising, stretching, or meditating, it’s worth having a yoga mat that brings you joy and matches your style. It’s easy to carry and provides both stability and comfort with anti-slip rubber on the bottom and soft microsuede on top.

• Rubber mat with a microsuede top
• Anti-slip rubber bottom
• Size: 24″ × 68″ (61 cm × 173 cm)
• Weight: 62 oz. (1.75 kg)
• Mat thickness: 0.12″ (3 mm)

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